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Bright Yellow & Blue, for easy detection in rough water, this Patent Pending Design, Dog Life Jacket has an attachable ergonomic chin float with locking zipper, designed to keep their nose out of the water. A low profile handle with D Rings and reflective trim throughout completes this sturdy, reliable jacket and keeps your pet afloat.


Variable thickness Buoyancy Cells. Better Floatation.

Adjustable Ergonomic fit for all shapes and sizes.

Chin Float is attachable with a locking zipper. Cupped & Rounded for a better fit.

Duraflex, high ended slides and buckles, are used for added safety and strength.
Visibilty improved with updated look.

There is no pollution created in the recycling process of our Earth Friendly Foam

Support our Earth, Go Green, with recycled materials.

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Eye Protection

Protect your pooches eyes, in windy weather. Keep out sand, dust, wind and debris.

Doggles have flexible rubber frames and adjustable straps and frames are lined in foam for ultimate comfort.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, contact us today to secure your pair!

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Rain Coats

Rain Coats

Stay dry for winter walkies!

These Designer Raincoats are gorgeous. Beautifully made, and excellent quality.

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Pet Drying Sheets

Pet Drying Sheets

Holds 100% more water than other material

Super Absorbent Grooming Towel.

Great for after a bath, swim or out in the rain.

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Washable Diapers

Washable Diapers

Keep them comfortable, protects furniture and floors against incontinent accidents.

Ideal, for your young puppy or the elder dog suffering from incontinence.

Quick and easy to put on, soft and comfortable for your pet. Machine washable.

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